Manager Accountancy

Are you an experienced and motivated manager that loves to work with small teams? Look no further! Joinson&Spice might be the employer you always dreamed of!

Innovative and experimental

Accountancy is developing. Fast. You hear it in every company, in campaigns of the NBA and it is all over your Linkedin feed. But it happens here! At Joingson&Spice. Together with our expers you can start experimenting with robotic accounting, automated auditing, continuous monitoring en data-analyse. And, what you discover today, we will apply in a real audit tomorrow! 

Focus on personal growth

We are a small office: No Big 4 mentality, no late working hours. At Joinson&Spice you will get the responsibilities you can handle and deserve. In short, we value our employees self-development and growth so we invest in our team. You will develop yourself fast and we will pay for your study (for example: RA, RE or AA).

Besides that we will give you time and space to learn or improve your (programming)skills, together with a motivated and fast-learning team of experts! 

When are we a match?

As our new accountancy manager you will work with clients from the tech sector. You will lead some auditing assignments and therefore understands our clients business models You are very capable of finding your way within our clients automated processes. You apply external reporting to our the specific companies, a challenging job because of the technology nature of these companies. Obviously their technological/automated processes are more than advanced. 

You are the point of contact for our clients and you make it your goal to help them understand their numbers too. Besides this you are always thinking of new ways to use the given data.

You love to work in small teams!

Our team exists of 9 motivated professionals that are looking forward to welcome you at Joinson&Spice!

Ambitious mindset

You want to work yourself up and learn as much as you can. You are always developing yourself!

Master degree

You finished your master degree within a quantative field of work and have 7 years of working experience in a similar job.

Working with binders is not your thing

Instead you love to work in the cloud. Because at Joinson&Spice are almost no binders to be found!


In R and Phyton? Completely your thing. Besides that you have an analytical mindset and you are great with numbers.

Data skills

You have a passion for IT audits and you are experienced with converting practical issues into data analysis without a problem.

What we have to offer! 

At Joinson&Spice we want our employees to be happy . Therefore we offer them working conditions suit the job. 


As manager accountancy we offer you a salary that varies from€5.000 – €5.800 bruto p/m based on 40 hours per week. 

Time and space for self-development.

We offer you different ways and courses to develop yourself even further in data analytics!

Secondary working conditions

Laptop, phone, travel allowance, retirement plan, 27 free days based on a 40 hour workweek. 

A professional and motivated team

Where collegial involvement is key. Because, working is more fun when we do it together! 

Carriere pad

At Joinson&Spice you get everything you need to develop yourself even further. Your knowledge from your finished RA/RE education will expand even more through additional data-analytics courses. 

Besides this we expect you to contribute to our innovational calendar and that you will develop yourself within IT-related subjects like de application of AI, continuous auditing or one of the business models of our clients. 


Manager accountancy


Responsible accountant

Easy as 1.. 2.. 3..

Did we convince you to apply? Push the button and email us your resume and cover letter. We will get back to you as soon as possible! Our team is looking forward to hear from you!