“Valuable decisions in a rapidly changing environment…”

Growing your company

Because our team at Joinson & Spice will, together with you, always look for new business opportunities and innovative solutions for your company. 


Within the sub-sector Technology we help data centers, hosting providers, software providers, system integrators, cloud providers and online retailers with important decisions.

As a technology company you need to continually innovate and efficiently respond to rapid technological innovations. But you also have to deal with investment models, privacy issues, shifting task views of customers, complex security, dominant global players, increase of PUE standards, certifications and changing business models.

Our accountants in Amsterdam help you with their knowledge and expert view on finance, we help you make decisions that really add value!

What our clients say about us

Stef Pillen

CFO Tiqets

“We are extremely satisfied with the services of Joinson & Spice.

Due to their pragmatical way of working, combined with their hands-on mentality, they delivered great support. Their extensive knowledge and experience with scale-up companies and the challenges scale up companies face, Joinson & Spice makes sure that they are capable of thinking along in the same speed as our company is growing. This results in a very pleasant way of working together. 

Data is key for the future and we are impressed with the way they already apply this in their audit approach. Because of their progressiveness Joinson & Spice is more than capable of serving their clients in a positive way.”

Raymond Klompsma

 Oprichter Wobbly Sun en Voormalig CEO en oprichter SRPRS.ME

“If you ask me, they honor their own name for 100%. They are progressive, different and they really want to work together with their client. These words are the first that come to mind when I look back at our collaboration. When people think about accountancy they picture traditional grey suits and difficult vocabulary. Do not expect that from Joinson & Spice. According to me, the traditional way of accountancy is not even slightly necessary for a collaboration that is extremely professional and knowledgeable.

The open mindset of Joinson & Spice and the fact that they will always work a little bit extra for their clients is something that really appeals to me. From the first moment you are in contact with them, you can feel the way they trust their employees and their clients. Doing business how it should be done.  

Financieel Directeur bij WePayPeople

logo we pay people

“Joinson & Spice is a company that understand how our business processes work and they do a great job in focussing on these processes. They take the lead in technological development and tend to make their auditing more efficient and pro active every day.

We choose Joinson & Spice after our experience with a Big-4 company. In this company we needed to explain the whole audit team our business on a yealy basis. That is why we started looking for an accountancy firm with a stable team that can really think along with our companies needs. In Joinson & Spice we definitely found this.  

After our takeover process by People 2.0, Joinson & Spice has offered us terrific support in some crucial moments. Despite their peak in workload, they managed to create extra capacity to support us in a pragmatical way which was much appreciated by us. 

In short, Joinson & Spice’s focussed efforts, their availability when you really need it, their continuity within their audit team and the individual qualities of their employees resulted in a cooperation that we experienced as extremely pleasant. “

A few companies we work for

We proudly present a few companies we work with and for

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